Hey You!

Truly creative, imaginative & inventive campaigns utilizing social media, print and web based ads.

Grab their attention.

Potential customers, many based in your town or city, are looking for YOUR products and YOUR services.. But will they find you?

So much advertising is thoroughly underwhelming, with a lack of inspiration with so many old ideas rehashed for a different audience or product.

We aim to create truly creative, imaginative and inventive print and web based ads. We harness the power of social media platforms like Facebook to create promotional campaign pages with interactive features to increase audience participation and spread your message virally.

Custom Branded Games

Custom games are a great way to engage and entertain. They make excellent promotional tools and are great at enticing visitors back to your website. Ranging from simple branding exercises, to advanced flash games, Custom games are ideal for seasonal and themed projects, or for launching your new product or service.

Custom games can range from simple quizes and memory games to shooting galleries, platform games and role playing adventure games. Every game is created to meet your needs. Features such as scoreboards that require a users name and email address opens the door to rapid growth of your buisnesses mailing list. Users can also forward the link to others. This is how a custom game can very quickly spread to thousands of people and is known as viral marketing.

You could even create a competition around your custom game, awarding a prize every week to the top players. Introducing this concept guarantees receiving valid email addresses from users and will encourage more hits as word spreads. Combine this with a themed online marketing email and your custom game could bring in some serious traffic.