The Brief

Create a character that encompasses the Rock & Roll theme, strenghtens the brand as a whole - positioning Sing alongside the leading brands.


Sing had a brand they wanted to develop and take to the next level. We had to absorb as much information and experience it for ourselves before we begun our research.

Our aim was to create the ultimate rock star, while remainly family friendly and fun, and appeal as a character to both sexes.

It was decided he should have the prescence of a superhero, so his body language and personality would be shaped as such.


We collated many ideas about what makes a rock star and merged what we could - personality, attitude and this started crafting the general look. From this base Bingo Starr was born and ready to be unveiled on the world.

The result was a larger than life, sexy, fun, engaging character that the business and more importantly the users embraced right form the start and has gone on to feature across the website, literature and in a TV advert.

Sing has certainly grown since his integration and awards have also followed, Sing are certainly positioned alongside the giants of the industry now.