Awesome characters that propel brands forward and add multiple new avenues of interacting and influencing end-users.

Engage with your audience

Great character design can help to make a game, website, business literature look that much more interesting and propel sales. They can help create huge franchises, build up companies and even shape the landscape of the industries.

Users will always be attracted to media revolving around charismatic characters and when designed correctly they have the power to propel your brand forward and increase positive associations towards it.

Characters with.. umm.. character

Our characters aren't just illustrated characters, they have personality, personality that married with their brand deliver their message and enforce the brands positive image as a whole. This isn't a happy accident, we craft a characters personality as rigorously as we do their visual appearance from the moment we start our research. This personality will dictate how they move during animation, their poses in stills and the way they address and interact with the user.

A strong character can be utilised to deliver your message with real punch over countless media types whilst also opening up all sorts of new revenue streams and opportunities to reach people. Animated shorts, comic strip style posts for social media and branded toys to name but a few.